Monday, May 13, 2013

Stylin' in white - Old Navy Style Council Feature

    I was very lucky to be chosen for Old Navy's Style Council's White Jean Sampling. (I'm signed up through Crowdtap and I love it! It's fun and with chances to participate in programs like this - why not?!)
   I know what you might be thinking - white jeans? I was kind of like that too but these are super fun! I was sent a coupon to pick out a pair of Old Navy's white jeans for me and a friend - I asked my soon-to-be sister-in-law and she did not hesitate one bit. Then again, who would hesitate at this opportunity?
   I have always been a huge fan of Old Navy's jeans. They just fit me the way that I like them to fit. In the past few years they have expanded their jean collection to tailor to all different body types, shapes and preferences. I like my jeans on my hips - not below or above. I also like boot cut or flares - I just can't bring myself to wear straight leg. Then again, if I ever get into the fashion trend of wearing boots over jeans I'm sure a pair of straight legs would be best. But I'm not there yet. (Let's not forget - this mama is working on revamping her wardrobe. That means no more maternity clothes, soon to be no more nursing tops, no more in between pregnancy clothes and no more clothes that I've been clinging onto thinking I'll wear again)
    Big Sis and I ventured into Old Navy to try on some white jeans. I really like the cropped ones (but I guess they are not classified as "White Jeans" even though they are white and are jeans. No worries though.) I tried on a pair of Rockstar, Flirt and Sweetheart. I liked them all. There was one (sorry I can't remember) that you could see the pocket liners through the jeans. Might have just been that particular cut or fit but all the others I tried on where fine.

How fun!

Perfect cut to wear with heels

The crops I was digging

I think we have a winner!

    I can't wait to wear these out on a date night. I have just the perfect outfit in mind. A teal top with my teal flip flops and a fun coral hand knitted necklace Big Sis made for me.
Cute right??!

    What would you pair with white jeans? Where would you wear them?

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