Thursday, May 23, 2013

My house is not happy with me

    Today was the home inspection on our house. The kid and I left for the afternoon so we were out of the way. When we got back home and I walked through the door I had a weird, sinking feeling. It felt like my house was mad at me, like I just allowed her to be violated.
    I did a quick walk through to make sure all the lights and windows were taken care of after being inspected. I just could not shake this feeling like the house seriously was upset. Did I pimp my house out? Can a house have a personality? Am I getting too sentimental over this house the closer we get to leaving it?
    I did meet the potential buyer and he explained to me who was all coming today and what they were doing. He mentioned carpet guys taking measurements and a kitchen guy coming to check things out. Did he just dis my kitchen after we were told he was going to leave it? Hhhmm.., maybe I heard that wrong. I hope I did.
    He told me he was going to contact the hubs to let us know what we had to "clean up" before we left like if the garage might be taken down then we wouldn't have to worry about cleaning it. Thanks man, thanks.
    He also mentioned the soil sample they were going to take in a few days so that they can outline where the basement will be on the side yard. Buh-bye land. Hello New House. (Should we warn the neighbors?)
    I feel like I'm doing this house wrong. It's weird. I did not think in my wildest dreams that I would become so sappy about leaving it. Is this normal?

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