Sunday, May 12, 2013

First run of 2013!

    Happy Mother's Day!! What a wonderful day I had. It started off cold - chilly and freezing! Could not believe it was even May with the temps we had. In fact right before Big Sis's 1 mile fun run it was pouring rain and there was even hail!
    But exactly 20 seconds before the whistle went off the sun came breaking through the clouds and off she went! I don't know why but every time I watch her run I get all misty eyed. She just amazes me. She makes me so proud. And she did wonderful!! She ran this time her mile in under 14 minutes. Knocked a minute off of last year. This is her first run of 2013 and she's not going to stop!

There she is! That teal blur running on air is my girlie girl!

    Ok, so she can drive me up a wall when she's dancing around when it's time to clean, or when she is singing when it's quiet time, or when she's bouncing around on my couch when she should be sitting on it (I still vow that the day she buys her own couch I'm going to jump all over it as pay back) but she really is a wonderfully, beautiful and fantastic girl! Sometimes I am just beside myself when I watch her. I am really amazed. I wonder and hope that I brought my mum the same feelings that Big Sis brings me.
    It's moments like these that leave me breathless about the sweet and tender moments of Motherhood.

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