Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inspector Gadget - House Update

     The contingency is released! Whoop whoop!! Let me back track for a moment. We put an offer on a house and it was accepted - however we had to go in as an contingent offer because we did not have a buyer for our current house. After three open houses, a dream about needing St. Joseph, a complete basement clean out and a conspiracy theory on the number "3" we finally received an offer.
The Puck Number!

    The offer is a bit bittersweet. Turns out it is a builder who intends to build a new house on our side lot and do some update work on our house. Not our kick ass kitchen though.., well it does need a true counter top because the one in there now was intended to be a temporary until I figured out what exactly I wanted and the windows will need to be updated because I couldn't decide on an herb/garden window and new doorway so we never did that either but the the cabinets are wonderful (Thanks Ikea!)
    It's weird to know that the land that our kids play on, ride their dirt bike on and the land we love to have is going to have a house built on it. I look out my window now and it's just surreal.
Adios yardage

    I can't get hung up on this though. We are moving. This wont be our land and house any more. We're going to have a new house and new bit of land (although it wont be as much).
    I'm going to miss a bunch about this house but we're moving on to make more memories and stories at a new house. A new phase. A new story.
    So Thursday is the planned home inspection on our house. We'll be one step closer to closing. One more step closer to a sold sign in front of our house. Lady Luck has taken her time getting here but it feels like most of everything is falling into place. Hard work and perseverance. And a whole lot of wishing!!

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