Saturday, October 12, 2013

You are the apple of my eye - and a chip!

    Last year the weather here was not very friendly to apple farmers BUT this year rocked and we were able to go off to pick our own instead of grab a bushel. The kids all had a blast and it was fun to go with my brother and his fiancé - too bad the Hubs was off helping a move at last minute's notice.
    Let's fast forward - what are we going to do with three bags of apples?! I'll tell you where we start! Release the mandolin!!! I have a not so secret love affair with my mandolin. We make chips together. We've made beat chips and potato chips and let's not forget zucchini chips (they were to die for! if you like the taste of pumpkin seeds you'll like those).
    Here are some pics of TT and I making some apple chips for when Lulu came home from school. We like to create in the kitchen while Bear is taking her afternoon nap.
Scene of the crime
Getting a little silly
Apple Star!
All set and sugared up.
In they go -
- He got a bit distracted -
How delish do these look??!!
Well they were definitely delish. The kids devoured them.
What do you like to do with apples?

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