Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting rid of the new

    Yea.., that's right. I'm getting rid of the new. Well, it's not so new because we've had the stuff for a while but it's all brand new in the packages. What are they? They are mostly gifts that the kids never opened to play with. Most were stored away with the idea to space them out through the year as a new toy, the rest are toys they just didn't want. Can you believe that? A kid not want to open up and play with a new toy?! I guess it's good that my kiddos know what they want and when they get it - it's game over.
   I have started to list the new items to sell on a "yard sale" site and it's been working pretty good. I'm not asking retail prices (most retail for over $10), nor am I asking for what I feel is outrageous. Just $4 - $5 an item or a reasonable bundle and whatever doesn't sell in a few weeks I'm going to just donate to the charity bins at the stores or see if there is a local club that you can donate to families in need. I'm hoping to take the older two kiddos with me so that they will make the donation themselves to learn that there are other families out there that are not as fortunate as ours.
    Wondering what I'm doing with the money that I get? That all goes into a huge water bottle that we collect change and extra dollars in. Ultimately we'll go to Disney with that dough. Although Big Sis has a vote in for Hawaii (might not be too bad of an idea., the Hubs has family there). Why not just go? Because I want to teach my kiddos that we have to save for big things that we want like family trips.
    So as I am getting rid of the new I'm hoping to teach my children charity and saving. Do you do anything like this? What are some ways you teach your children similar lessons?

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