Saturday, October 26, 2013

Found it!

    It's never too early to start a Christmas wish list is it? Not at all. I have mine going year round! So it's only natural that the kiddos know what they want when I ask them for ideas. Unfortunately for them, I have been done with shopping for gifts (another thing that's year round) so the list gets passed to family members who ask for ideas.
    The quick version of the background on our Christmas tradition - I've sort of copied it from my parents. Growing up I received 3 gifts from Santa with a family gift tossed in there (usually a board game or something like that). Why the 3 gifts? Because Baby Jesus received 3 gifts - one from each of the Wise Men.

    So every Christmas my kids received 3 gifts and a fun filled stocking with a family gift. I've been struggling a bit on the family gift this year. Since our move earlier this year forced us to condense down outdoor toys I wanted to look into something that could easily be stored and assembled. We sold two playhouses, swings and some other big outdoor toys. We have a backyard now.., not a side yard so we lost some land space as well.
    The moment I saw the HugglePod in Magic Cabin's catalog I knew that would be the family gift! How awesome is this??!! It's a fun hanging pod like tent for the kiddos and I can even sneak in! I am totally in love with this! As much as I LOVE the Fall weather I am already antsy for Summer. The tree in our back yard is going to be perfect for this. They are seriously going to have a blast and I know Lulu is going to enjoy spending time in there mastering her advanced reading skills. It's perfect!

    How do you celebrate the Christmas holiday with your kiddos?  Do you have a set number of gifts? A big ol' family gift?

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