Sunday, February 15, 2015

Up High Like a Bird

    Come the early alarm on Wednesday, I'll be making my way to the airport with my oldest in tow. She doesn't know where we will be going. She just knows we "may" be taking a little three generation trip, so long as my mum is "able to get off of work". Truth be told, she can and she is. 

    We'll be making our way to Florida. Sunny, warm Florida!! After today being in the negatives with the snow and icy cold winds, I would gladly take anything over 50 degrees so long as I didn't have to bundle up in three layers and look at grey, icky snow mounds. 

    My daughter is going to go BANANAS when she finds out we'll be at Disney World. She is all signed up to run her first 5K of 2015. She has been talking about saving up to go to Disney and what she remembers when we went three years ago. (Wow! That's so long ago. It's been too long!) 

    I can't wait to see her face and share in her excitement!!! 

    Have you ever planned a big surprise trip or event for your kiddo(s)? Did they just loose their minds? Do they still talk about it??! 

There she is three years ago getting her medal for the Kids Run.
This week, she'll score two! 

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