Monday, March 2, 2015

I Blew a Classroom Birthday Off

    I blew a classroom birthday party off but in my defense, this one was a total accident!!

   Last week our school district had February break. It was a week long break and part of it was enjoyed all the way down in Florida. My mum took Liv and I to Disney World so that they could run in the Princess 5K and also the Kid's Fun Run. They both did awesome and rocked it, despite the unseasonably chilly temps. 

   The Friday prior to the break the school district called in another snow day due to the negative wind chills. Neither one of my older kids were able to celebrate Valentines day at their schools. I wasn't terribly heart broken since I wouldn't have been able to attend either of them with the youngest kiddo. Last year when she was in Kindergarten it was so much easier, especially before the younger two were pulled out of daycare. 

   I'll never be a classroom parent. I don't have the availability it deserves to have. I wont have that time until Bear is in school. Forget having me on the PTO until then too. Classroom parties can be added there too, unless by some lucky chance the Hubs has an office day and can spare an hour or so watching the youngest kid(s). 

   Where am I going with this post? Well, its taking me some time to go through all my messages and get back into the swing of things from the week long break. I came across an email message from a classroom parent inviting Liv to her daughter's birthday party - that was yesterday. Uhg! My heart sank. I suck. 

   Not only did I not RSVP, I took away this moment from my daughter's childhood. She doesn't officially know that but I do and I feel like crap. 

   Truth be told, I don't mind classroom kid birthday parties. We've attended a tiny handful. Others we have not. One she got sick the morning of and since it was at a gymnastics place we decided it wasn't in her best interest to stay the entire time but she showed up with gift in hand for a little bit before she wanted to leave to lay down. 

   I wrote the mum an email back apologizing for the delay in my response and I hope that her daughter had had a wonderful day. Hopefully that will save some grace for us. I haven't had the privilege of going through a classroom invited birthday party yet and I'm not sure when I'm going to feel comfortable to do that. Having one or two kids isn't too bad to be able to plan something like that out but having three young kids makes even brushing my teeth incredibly trying and difficult. 

   Do you do classroom invited birthday parties? 
   Do you go to all the ones your child is invited to? Or just select ones? 

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