Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year = New Goals

    We're five days in the New Year - five days!! I hate the idea of resolutions and promises. I prefer more of an aim or goal, would even settle for a focus. 

    I made a focus for myself to take time once a month to do something just for me. That's a tall glass to drink when you're a mom of three young ones, or at least for me. It's hard to remember to take care of myself even if its just for a half hour. Given $20 and I'll go out and stretch that on items for the kids. We all do it as parents. But I'm going to start making it an aim to focus on me at least once a month.

   Something that Liv and I are going to start focusing on is paying it forward at least once a month. To a soon to be seven year old, asking her to do something out of the kindness of her heart and not expect anything in return is a hefty task to ask but I know she can do it. She's been showing signs of understanding things like that and now I want to see her in action. She'll be seven at the end of the month. 

   For Christmas she received a thread knitter that makes bracelets and it just so happens that two lovely ladies from my past are interested in one each. Liv and I were joking about possibly selling these bracelets to earn money to put towards her 5K and Mile run entry fees but this interest posed a perfect launch into our "PIF-ing" 

   As I write this post Liv is working on a note-card to enclose the bracelets in. She is telling them to enjoy their bracelets and have fun wearing them and to simply "Pay It Forward". I am beyond excited and thrilled that she is doing this. Maybe I'll have to see about selling these bracelets in a local craft show or online. They're super cute and the color combos are endless, which is half the fun!

   Have you made any focuses or aims for the New Year? 
   What do you hope to achieve? 
   Do you "Pay it Forward"? 

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