Sunday, August 31, 2014

Getting my #flawlessfinish on with Sheer Cover Studio

    I've been unplugged from most social media and online with all the recent events that have popped up over the past few weeks, but things have settled down and I'm back! 
    As many know I am a mom of three beautiful children and for a year now I have been a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children. What a job that is! Some mornings its rough to survive until the coffee hits the system and those are the days that I wear pajamas or yoga pants or lounge wear or whatever you call it all day long. 
    Thanks to running around and making sure things go smoothly, everyone is dressed and everyone has everything they need I often forget about myself and will just toss something on and tie my hair back. Shower? That would be nice. Blow dry? Nope. Nail polish? Whatever is left on from a few months ago. Makeup? If lip gloss counts then sure. 
    Guess what? Not any more! Before it was just a thought to pamper myself or fuss with how I look but now I'm taking my time. The kids are getting older and I've come to the bridge where if they forget something they'll learn for the next time. (Of course I'll still check on the important stuff like lunches, letters and homework but show-n-tell things are on their own). I have to show my face at two schools daily and I don't want to look tired and worn down. I don't want to showcase my wrinkles, bags and uneven skin tones. 
    I was recently given the amazing opportunity by Modern Mom to try out the Sheer Cover Studio system and it is heaven sent. At first it was a bit intimidating but it really is easy to use. 
The Sheer Cover System - 5 steps to a beautious face

The super to easy follow guide aka the Sheer Cover Bible 

    Armed with my guide and all the pieces of the system I locked myself in the bathroom to experiment and play around. Digging the base perfector primer. I applied after I washed and moisturized. The concealer took a bit for me to master but wasn't too bad. I like the brightener and could see the difference between my eyes. Cover up and illuminating were fun with the blush brush but my favorite part of the system right now is the eye lash mascara and fibers. My lashes are so lush and plump and it only took three "sch-wipes". 
Can you see the difference between the left side and the right side? 
My right (your left) has the makeup and mascara on - much more even.
Check out those lashes there!

     I want to also note that the real stories that came in the literature are amazing! This makeup system is awesome. It doesn't feel like I am wearing makeup. It is smooth and light. 
     Many, many thanks to Modern Mom and Sheer Cover Studio. This mama is definitely going to be taking more time for herself before getting in the car to shuffle off to a school for a kiddo or two.
     Win a year's supply of Sheer Cover Studio #FlawlessFinish.


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