Monday, August 11, 2014

Aunt has a nice ring to it

    Did I share with y'all that I am a real Aunt??!! How awesome is that? I'm finally an official real live Aunt. I have a few cousins who their kid's call me Aunt which is awesome but now I'm an official Aunt by blood.

    The kids were ecstatic when we went to their house to visit them - well the kids visited I brought over a crock pot dinner to prep and ended up doing some cleaning around the house - you know the normal like the dishes and putting away Easter decorations in July when he was born the last week of June (my ocd kind of kicked in and luckily my mouth kept it on lock down - lol)
    My three kiddos would have eaten his cuteness up if I hadn't taken them home when I did that day. I cant stop hearing how adorable he is - and he is but I'm biased as an Aunt. 

    I can't wait to spoil this little boy! Just love him to pieces!!

Hello Little Man!! Welcome to the world!!

So tiny!!

Lulu and Bear loving their baby cousin

TW - so gentle

So tell me - what would you get a new nephew to spoil him?? 

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