Monday, August 4, 2014

And I am a Gift Prepper

   Before I knew what it was called, I was doing it. Before I had kids, I was doing it. It started when I moved in with the Hubs during our engagement. For the first time I was shopping for his family along with my family. I was the (silently, never really appointed but assumed the responsibility) gift coordinator. I automatically began being a "Gift Prepper".
    It started off small with Birthday gifts but then came my first Christmas of gift giving. We went with a super cute idea - or so I thought. I remember taking a trip to Vermont and stopping by a local shop where everything was made locally. We loaded up on mixes, marinades, syrup (duh!) and candies. I assembled all the goodies in cute baskets and sealed them up. I was so excited thinking they would be well loved. The baskets got "so-so" responses. Meh, poo on them. 

    Even though I had a blast creating the baskets I knew I had to step up my game. We were also in the middle of what I deemed "Birthdayrow" - a six month spread of celebrating Birthdays. I tossed my towel in the air and that was the start of shopping year round - for both sides of the families. 

    When I was pregnant with my first, my gift prepping abilities were growing strong and I managed to be ready for Christmas and Birthdays months in advance. Last year I was done gift shopping in July! Well - I had to finish making a gift - which I put off until November.., meh.., but I still had plenty of time. 

    Yesterday I popped out to Target (mainly to get a much needed Green Tea Frap with Extra, Extra WHIP because I was having one of those days and I was about to embark on a grocery shopping extravaganza) but of course the bulls eye sucked me in and did some casual strolling around the store. I came across a few items marked 70% in the toy department to pick up for the holiday so into the bedroom closet they went. 

    I've learned how to creatively preplan gifts for family and friends. That took a bit of time but I think I can confidently say I've got the hang of it. Although every now and then I have a few stumbles left over in my gift closet. 

    Do you Gift Prep? How far in advance do you prep? 

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