Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Vacation Newbie

    I admit it. I am a summer vacation newbie. For the first time I will have all three kids home everyday until September. I am a bit scared. Ok, not a bit - a lot! What am I going to do??!!!

    I have been very lucky with my oldest. She was scouted at the high school track by the track coach for the summer recreation running program. (She's only 6.5 years old! Insert proud mama moment here!) We also decided to let her choose an art camp program at a local art store. It's only a week and its only for a few hours a day but she was so over the moon when I took her to sign up. She loves art - just like me! I grew up crafting and sewing and then progressed into painting abstracts and still love doing all of that to this day - that's when I get a free moment to myself that doesn't involve me melting into the couch from extreme tiredness. 

    My little man has not shown any interest in anything that I ask him. No soccer, no art, no track, no karate, nothing. I haven't asked him yet if he wants to do a cooking class at a local grocery store but I have a feeling he'll say no. I can drag him out to the playground and maybe even Geo-caching if I ever decide on which package to purchase but ultimately I think he'd rather be whipping around the yard on the Power Wheels. I did ask him if he was interested in learning to play an instrument.., and he said yes. When I asked him which one he immediately said the drums. Oh joy! So maybe I will have to find someone local or see if the music shop in town does drum lessons.

    As far as my little Bear goes., I dont know what to do. Maybe I can find some play group or toddler gym group so that she can play away from me for a while. I'll have to see what is out there that doesnt involve paying an arm and a leg. I do plan on that whole potty training thing being accomplished - even as I type she's sitting on her plastic potty as we begin the journey. (oh joy)

    Luckily we have a zoo membership and a newly built swing set but there's only so many times I can take them to the zoo while its under construction before we loose interest for a while and I'd prefer not to play outside when the summer noon heat hits. I'd like to do some continuing education but don't really know where to start since I will have a 2yo, PreK and 1st Grader altogether. Perhaps I will start researching now and hope I have some things for rainy days. 

    What do you do with your kiddos during summer vacation? Do you rely on day camps or summer programs?

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