Friday, June 13, 2014

Birdie to Birdie

    Today we had a little visitor. He showed up on our patio and made himself comfortable. He was loud. I mean, he was real loud! He followed us where our voices went. He was shooed away and then came back. He let us take pictures of him. He even let Bear pet him (which she promptly afterwards ran inside to wash her hands). He let Jax check him out and say hi. We named him Emilio and Bear insisted that he go put on some shoes. 

    Bear and I had to run to the mall to pick up our updated family pictures and I didn't immediately look for him when we got home but after a while of cleaning up the house I realized it was quiet outside. I checked to see if he had left the area we last left him. Sadly, Emilio the shoeless hatchling passed away in the rain while we were gone. 
   Bear was looking for "Meelo" and of course Big Sis found him before the Hubs could take him from view. I know she couldn't grasp what she saw, a motionless, stiff legged bird but I felt a crumble inside for her and I. 
   We told her that he left and that was that. She looked once more then was ok. Weirdly enough, I felt like the three of us bonded this morning. Poor little guy. Rest in peace Emilio. 

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