Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello again!!

    It's kind of funny. I haven't forgotten about this blog. I think about a few times a week and how I should sit down jot a paragraph or two of what we've been up to but then something gets bumped up in front of it and then that thought is gone. 
   I vaguely remember starting this as a way for me to just write and share things. It was at a huge transitional time in my life and I just wanted to write. My husband switched jobs and with that I became more or less a sahm putting me in a position that for the first time since I could remember I wasn't working outside the house. That was a tough pill to swallow then and some days, it still is hard to process. I don't know why. It's just that drive in me. I fully recognize that I am doing tremendous work around the house and with the kids but its just something about having that outside job, responsibility and pay check that appeals to me and I don't think I will ever loose that. 
   Let's not forget that I had had a rib injury that pretty much sunk me into a dark place and until last year left me scared to move or push myself physically in fear that I would fall back in recovery. 
   Basically I just needed some place to talk and this was it. I had a blast with our postings of things we were doing, things we learned, new things we discovered and more! 
    I want to get back to that all - and as you can imagine we have been very busy. We have been doing new things. We have been learning new things and so much other stuff. 
    I want to share with you the things that I'm learning with Bear as I have spent the most time with her growing up than the other two since staying home. I want to share the struggle of TW taking on Kindergarten but also his passion for being on the go all the time. I want to share with you the wonder of Lu who is driven to run! At 8 years old she has run more than I will ever in my life and she loves it! 
    We'll get back on track - and with that I'd like to say - Hello again!!

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