Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Full Schedule

    Hello there!! It's been a while, I know but things have been filling up on our daily schedule. The Hub's had another territory expansion so he has been away on and off introducing himself to the new dealers. It's an exciting yet hectic time for our family. 

    TW was just screened for Kindergarten yesterday and today he took his PreK Graduation pictures! Lulu is doing great as she has been wrapping up her studies and even had her last spelling test of the first grade. Bear is just Bear and knows her birthday is in a few weeks. She'll be the big three!!

   I have been working on figuring out what I plan to do with all three kids home for the Summer vacation, while still trying to sort this house. I know we moved about two years ago but it still feels crazy messy in the basement. Then again we did move from a house that had a full basement to one that has half the basement size. Gotta love split level ranches! 

   Running season has also started for us - Lulu has done the Disney runs and just did one on Mother's Day. She missed her PB by 12 seconds. (I think it was a show at the end where we were all standing cheering her on) She still amazes me with her passion for running. 

   I'll start setting aside some time during our household quiet time to jot down a ditty or two on the blog here. Lots of fun activities and baking attempts are in cue for the Summer!! Maybe even a trip or two.

   What are you looking forward to doing this Summer with your kiddo(s)? 


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