Monday, April 18, 2016

A real Spring time weekend

    Finally! We finally got a break from the icky weather and had a beautiful weekend full of sun and warmth. It was perfect!
    Friday night we let our 8 year old have a friend sleep over. It's not that I am against it, it's just that I have three young kids. Luckily the younger two were okay to go to open swim with the Hubs so that left a window open for Lu to have a friend over without the others in their space. 
    It went pretty good for the most part until the next day around noon time. The sleep deprived, moody 8 year old showed up and was so tired she cried at everything. EVERYTHING!!! The softness of the blanket, her tablet being at 64%, not having enough food on her plate to having too much food on her plate. Oy! 
     TW had his first friend's birthday party too! He was so shy and it was adorable! He was so proud of the gift he picked out and that his friend opened his first. I told him I was going to stay the whole time but once he warmed up I told him I was going to duck out for a little bit. All was well and he survived. 
    On Sunday Lu ran in the Dolphin Dash 5K. She has had her eye on this 5K for over a year and kept on me this season for when registration was opened. Her age group was 17 and under (eeps!). She placed 7 out of 15 in that age group. If the group breakdown had been 10 and under she would have been first. Who knows, maybe they'll break it down more for next year. 
   While she didn't place top, she did beat her current 2016 PR by .01 so that's a small win right? She also got to meet and chat with the girl that started this whole 5K up three years ago, which is a rock star in her world. Save the dolphins! 

     We all enjoyed some time at the zoo afterward, even Baba and Dzia Joe. One of the perks of a zoo membership is that you can always come back when its less crowded, and boy was the zoo crowded that day! 
     Came home to start relaxing before the weekend came to a close and found out the neighbor lady next door had a health scare but is in recovery. We all decided it would brighten her day if we dropped of flowers and a homemade card so the kids worked together on a cheerful card and the Hubs dropped it off with some tulips. LOVE that the idea of doing good and being the good is rocking steady in my kiddos worlds. 

      What was your weekend like? Sun? Rain? Snow??  

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