Monday, October 27, 2014

Woes of #PottyTraining the Last Kid

    The last kiddo is currently in the depths of potty training. Technically we were already there but then summer vacation hit us and with the older two kids home, who really wants to learn to go on the potty when you can play and run around? 
    All summer long I tried to encourage her to continue. We were so close to nailing that routine. We had Minnie Mouse undies, mini M&Ms, the infamous little blue potty seat we got from Ikea when we potty trained Lu and fancy skirts to help her go potty easier. Nothing. The force is strong with this one. She is a train and she is on her own track. 

    Now we're back in the potty training lane and its going pretty well. I had it much more easier with the older two that is for sure! Now we have stairs and multi-levels of living space. We also have two bathrooms and if we're caught in between those levels its a guess which way to go. Ahh the joys of a split level house. 

   Candy doesn't motivate her. She doesn't care for much clothing so the fun skirts are hardly worn. She doesn't care about the pretty undies we have a stack of in both bathrooms. She has had accidents where she is full blown wet and she doesn't care. Well, they don't seem to bother her too much enough to warrant crying.

    What she does care about is going #2 in those pretty undies of hers. She enjoys a great cheer and clap and fun little jaunt down the hall after she's gone. Sometimes I have puddles to mop up. 4 to 5 times out of 10 she has damp undies but not soaking wet. I basically have a little laundry basket in the corner of the downstairs bathroom for those to get tossed in and then do a load of laundry at the end of the day. 

    Basically, the first two kids were super, SUPER easy to potty train. Like, really easy. I have had to deal with regression and learning how to motivate this galie. I went in with a confidence that I would nail this on the head and we'd go skipping through fields of buttercups and eat ice cream. Oy! 

    I shouldn't be surprised. I have experienced so many things that I never had to experience with the older two kids. Bear is my greatest challenge yet! I should have known. It all started with my pregnancy test results with her. But that's another story for another time. 

   Cheers to the flushes on Potty Training Lane!!

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